Norway - an oceanic leader

About 90 per cent of the world’s goods travel on the ocean. Norwegian maritime industry has proven to be extremely proficient, in a field essential to the world economy.

KONGSBERG’s history is deeply rooted in Norway, one of the world’s largest maritime nations, with maritime history going back thousands of years.

The Norwegian maritime industry covers a broad area that includes shipping, shipyards, mariners, seafaring, fishing, research and technology companies. In total, the industry gives employment to more than 100,000 people and makes up 12 per cent of the annual GNP for Norway.

Norway’s maritime industry has an international focus and a strong global presence within the entire maritime cluster, from Singapore to the USA.


Historically, Norway has built up technological positions within shipping, fishing and utilisation of offshore-based resources such as oil and gas. To maintain and secure these positions, we’re working to advance our technology. This is essential within areas where there is currently insufficient technology to achieve the goals that Norway and other nations have set regarding the ocean space.

90 per cent of the oceans remain unexplored to this day. Although they are already vitally important, our oceans are set to become even more significant in the future, as the challenges relating to sustainable development and growing populations increase.

Less than two per cent of the food we eat today comes from the ocean. The potential for growth in this area is great, as 90 per cent of the biomass in the world is found in the ocean space.

For global trade and economy, the ocean is of great importance. At KONGSBERG, we keep improving technology ensuring a safer, more effective and environmentally friendly use of the ocean.