Revealing the secrets of the deep

The ocean is related to several of the world’s challenges and possibilities. Solutions for a sustainable future may be discovered and developed in the ocean. New technology is crucial to unveiling the secrets of the deep.

80 per cent of the oceans are more than 3000 meters deep and much of this are unexplored areas, hiding a vast potential. KONGSBERG creates technologies to discover these uncharted territories, using solutions that protects the unique ecosystems existing in the oceans.

Our technologies make it possible to do what was once thought impossible. For example, we are now capable of exploring even deeper areas of the ocean floor. 

Our co-operation with research institutes, has resulted in technologies such as, dynamic positioning; a world-leading environment for hydroacoustics; underwater vehicles such as HUGIN and MUNIN; and the best sonar systems for submarines available on the market.

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HUGIN is an autonomous subsea vessel. It is deployed to the sea floor where it maps specific areas of the seabed and returns to the surface, when its job is finished.

Among other things, HUGIN is used to inspect pipelines on the seabed. The vessel also has a military function where it is used for mine sweeping. Every single deep-sea oil field in the world has been surveyed by HUGIN.

Our experience shows, that a close cooperation between research environments, the industry and a demanding final user, leads to ground-breaking results.

The oceans are the earth’s life- blood, treasure chest and larder. An importance reflected in KONGSBERG’s operations, where over 80 per cent of our turnover comes from deliveries related to the oceans.

KONGSBERG is making the sea a safer workplace. We create technologies that increase the safety of operations, and make better use of valuable marine resources.