KONGSBERG – an ocean space company

Through our people, we have world-class knowledge in how to get the most from the ocean. Our goal is to gain even more from this massive resource, in a sustainable way that can withstand the test of time.

The oceans and technology related to it, provide employment for a multitude of people today. With solutions created by KONGSBERG across all three business areas, we can create a safer workplace for these people, as well as employment for more people in industries directly or indirectly related to the ocean space.

The ocean space will be one of KONGSBERG’s key areas of commitment in the years to come. Technologies enabling autonomy, hydroacoustic, sensor technology, advanced data analysis and data processing are all areas that we believe will be central going forward. This will also strengthen our international position and provide new opportunities for exporting technology.

Today, we deliver technology enabling mapping and utilisation of oil, gas and minerals below the seabed. In the water column, KONGSBERG supplies technology for sustainable fishing. On the sea surface, KONGSBERG supplies technology to ships using the ocean for transport, for offshore vessels and drilling rigs, for wind farms creating green energy, and for sustainable fishing. Our space technology contributes to ocean space monitoring and utilising information technology resources. With regards to defence, we deliver systems that contribute to asserting dominion over resources found within the ocean space.

KONGSBERG’s ocean technology may be crucial in securing a sustainable future and good management of the oceans.