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Working with respect for this vast resource

70 per cent of the earth is covered by water, this plays a key role in everything we do at KONGSBERG.

Living with the sea has been intertwined with mankind’s progress throughout history. Despite this long association, much of the ocean remains a mystery. In fact 70 per cent remains unexplored. At KONGSBERG we aim to change the way we live and work at sea, by creating greater understanding through ocean related technology.

The oceans provide our largest transportation routes, they dictate the climate so vital to life on land, and offer a vital environment for sourcing our food in the future.

Ocean Farm 1 (C)KSX 2017-09-24 GU.jpg

How we treat this delicate ecosystem is decisive for the future of humanity. Technology is a key to sustainability. As we increase our relationship with the oceans, technology will be essential to learn, stay safe and improve performance in increasingly complex missions in the maritime environment.

Our future depends on expanding our knowledge about the sea. At KONGSBERG we believe that by advancing our technology, we improve our knowledge of the oceans. We learn more, plan more intelligently and build better, in order to work respectfully with this magnificent environment.