Making a difference

As global technology leaders, KONGSBERG has a profound duty to continually improve our thinking, solutions and best practices, to reduce environmental impact. This commitment extends to helping people stay safe, and provide support to the communities within which we operate.

Much of work has long-term positive consequences, expanding beyond our core business areas to transport, food and energy. As we accelerate our sustainability strategy, we will continually review and reapply ourselves, ensuring our efforts achieve the best results for everyone.


We produce systems for integrated marine automation and navigation, cargo management and sensors, to the merchant, marine and passenger market. Our bridge systems ensure safe and efficient passage, for vessels around the world. Our control and monitoring technology, continues to introduce new efficiencies for ships, enabling smarter, more profitable operation through fuel reduction, hybrid solutions and process automation.


KONGSBERG is working diligently, to develop even more climate-friendly solutions for our customers. Our investment in wind power is starting to have an impact in the market. We have engaged in ocean farming, that provides sustainable food production. And we are at the forefront of developing battery-powered autonomous ships, making shipping, safer, efficient and eco-friendly.


We deliver products and systems to fisheries all over the world, as well as technology that facilitates more sustainable offshore ocean farming. We are a world-leading manufacturer of scientific instruments for research on fisheries. KONGSBERG echosounders and sonars, are used on research vessels globally, where scientists rely on our technology and precise measurements.

Defence and security

In cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces, KONGSBERG has developed anti-ship missiles, that help secure national sovereignty in Norwegian ocean territories. Our air defence systems secure military airbases; weapon stations secure armed forces and our technology safely monitors maritime transport. A national defence industry contributes to make Norway less vulnerable and will secure our autonomy as a democracy.


KONGSBERG has extensive experience in automation, analysis and sensors. This is how we can provide the energy industry, with applications and features for smart data and decision support.