Female Forum: Gender equality and management

Diversity and gender equality creates value and makes us more competitive.

It expands the mind-set and has a positive influence on the company’s strategy and management. The importance of this work is reflected in our HR strategy and by the Board. We work systematically and purposefully to recruit, develop and retain people of different age groups, ethnicity and gender. Recently, the main focus has been on the gender balance. The focus on diversity must be implemented in promotion, recruitment and management development, with periodic measurement and follow-up.


In common with other technology companies, KONGSBERG is facing challenges in that the proportion of women choosing a career in technology continues to be low. In 2018, the percentage of women in technology careers was recorded as 19.9 per cent. The percentage of women in the company is increasing and is now at 22 per cent.

The proportion of female managers at KONGSBERG has also increased noticeably. There are multiple reasons for this. The most important thing is to have ambitions and targets, and then measure the results driving behavioural change. The HR strategy includes several concrete measures supporting these targets.

One of our initiatives to motivate women to apply for management roles has been Female Forum. The intention behind the forum is to give female managers an opportunity to meet and use the network as a tool. In 2018, Female Forum was implemented in China, in addition to Norway.

Within the recruitment of women, for example, we have in recent years worked actively internally to bring women into senior positions, and externally to help more women choose a career in technology. A key factor has been awareness when hiring new managers. This has produced results, and is a consequence of targeted work and concrete measures.

Female Forum 2018