KONGSBERG announces contract with Australian Defence Force

KONGSBERG was this week awarded with a contract worth app. MNOK 32 by the Australian Defence Force. The new contract is related to the obsolescence management for PROTECTOR M151 Remote Weapon Stations, which has been delivered to Australia since 2004.

The Australian Defence Force procured 59 PROTECTOR M151s in 2004 as part of a rapid acquisition, intended to equip the ASLAV (Australian Light Armoured Vehicle) fleet ahead of operational rotation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The stations will be updated and overhauled to today’s standards by KONGSBERG in Norway, and deliveries are expected to occur in September 2014.

PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station is designed for small and medium caliber weapons and can be installed on any type of platform; it is a fully stabilized, combat proven system qualified for global operations. The Protector Weapon Control System protects military troops by allowing the vehicle's weapons to be operated from a protected position inside the vehicle.

As of 2013 the PROTECTOR has been chosen by 17 nations and KONGSBERG continues to be the world’s leading provider of Remote Weapon Stations.