Small scale/ bunker LNG operation

KONGSBERG's integrated small-scale LNG solutions builds upon our position as the world's leading supplier of safety and automation systems to the offshore LNG value chain. It integrates existing expertise with new innovations for better analysis, recommendations and the optimisation of the gas management process. The result is enhanced efficiency, lower cost and more sustainable operations.

Small scale LNG trading operation is an integration of the handling of liquid gas between charterer / owner and clients. Our knowledge of handling liquefied gas combined with our Information Management Systems will provide the industry with a better overview of the energy transfer between the parties.

Combining the whole product range with our expert knowledge will give the whole Gas Value Chain a better definition of the transfer of energy and the commercial value. We will link together all parties in the value chain  Yard / Owner / Clients / Charterer / Class.

Delivering optimised transport and distribution of LNG


Yard benefits

  • An integrated solution provided by one company will reduce cost and risk
  • Interface meetings with less vendors involved
  • Integration problems between vendors is highly reduced
  • Flexible for last minute changes since most of the interface signals are based on fieldbus communication
  • Commissioning and Sea-trial will be more effcient with less people involved

KONGSBERG will be active between all parties in the construction of the vessels i.e. Yard / Owner / Charterer / Class. We also provide service all along the Gas Value Chain after the delivery of vessels.

Owner benefits

Efficient operation:

  • Large presentation display and mode based operation with combined information in focus
  • Same human machine interface for all systems, easy commando transfer, common dimming / pallet change – More time to focus on the mission
  • Information Management System link all partner together in one unified dialogue

Same control system platform for all applications:

  • Propulsion system
  • Vessel marine systems
  • LNG processes
  • Bunkering operation
  • Tank gauging w/custody transfer application (incl. anti roll over systems)
  • Power management and Energy management
  • Bridge auxiliary control incl. DP
  • Energy management system for the entire vessel 
  • Engines, propulsion thrusters, deck machinery are all working in harmony for efficient and safe operation

One company for support including 24/7 remote support through one common link. Proven technology with life cycle management solutions. Condition monitoring and analysing tools with first hand sensor data.