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Kongsberg Maritime design NVC 2160

Ro-Pax Vessel designs

Seaborn and Pax

KONGSBERG Ro-Pax Vessel designs, are designed with highest focus on safety, efficiency, comfort  and environmentally friendly solutions, intended for Short-Sea and Inter-Island markets

Exceptional RoPax vessel designs for short-Sea and inter-island markets 

Our unmatched RoPax vessel designs are crafted with the utmost attention to safety, efficiency, comfort, and solutions that are good for the environment. Our offerings cater to the unique needs of our customers operating in the short-sea and inter-island markets. 

Commitment to a sustainable future 

At Kongsberg Maritime, we prioritise environmental responsibility, and our design roadmap is dedicated to transitioning to full zero-emission solutions as technologies advance. Our innovative designs enable ship owners to embrace a sustainable future while maintaining optimal performance. 

Optimising passenger experience and logistics 

We take pride in designing public spaces that optimise passenger flow, offer superior service logistics, and provide exceptional passenger experiences. Our vessels deliver exceptional comfort, low noise and vibration, and outstanding performance in seaways. 

Embracing scenic voyages 

Our RoPax vessel designs prioritise giving passengers the best possible view of their surroundings while travelling. We also work closely with the harbours we serve to ensure smooth cargo and passenger exchanges with quick turnaround times. 

Safety and reliability - our top priorities 

In all our designs, passenger and crew safety come first. To create a secure environment, we carefully consider passenger flow, service, and technical logistics. We guarantee high functionality and reliability in our systematic design approach by collaborating with trusted equipment suppliers. 

Our portfolio of Ro-Pax Vessel designs:

NVC 2080 - Ro-Pax

NVC 2080 - Ro-Pax

NVC 2145 - Ro-Pax

NVC 2145 - Ro-Pax


NVC 7248 - Ro-Pax

NVC 7248 - Ro-Pax

  • NVC 2080 - Ro-Pax

    NVC 2080 - Ro-Pax

  • NVC 2145 - Ro-Pax

    NVC 2145 - Ro-Pax


  • NVC 7248 - Ro-Pax

    NVC 7248 - Ro-Pax

Design and integrated systems

Ship Design Solutions can provide Ship Design alone or integrated system solutions for:

Complete System Integration 

Our comprehensive approach to RoPax vessel design includes full system integration, ensuring optimal technical interfaces and logistics throughout the ship. This includes conceptual, basic, and detailed design stages, resulting in a unified experience from start to finish. 

RoPax vessel designs for unrivalled performance 

Invest in our cutting-edge designs for RoPax vessels for the safest, most efficient, most comfortable, and most environmentally friendly short-sea and inter-island travel. Trust in our expertise and dedication to excellence as together we revolutionise the maritime industry.Top of Form 

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