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Training on the operation and maintenance of our Propulsion Products.

Our Propulsion training courses will give you a thorough introduction to the operation and maintenance of your specific propulsion product either it is Azimuth Thrusters, Tunnel thrusters, Waterjets, Controllable Pitch Propeller, Fixed Propeller or our Reduction Gear.

The training will be a combination of theoretical lessons and hands-on training in our training workshops.   

Ålesund, Norway

  • Reduction gear, type AGSC/AGHC - Maintenance training    
  • Azimuth thruster, type TCNS/TCNC - Maintenance training    
  • Azimuth thruster, type Azipull - Maintenance training    
  • Tunnel thruster, type TT - Maintenance training    

Kristinehamn, Sweden

  • Controllable pitch propeller - Operation and maintenance training   
  • Controllable pitch propeller - Maintenance level B training      
  • Waterjet, Kamewa S-series - Maintenance level A training   
  • Waterjet, Kamewa S-series - Maintenance level B training     

Kokkola, Finland

  • Waterjet mechanics, Kamewa A3-series - Maintenenace training   
  • Waterjet mechanics, Kamewa FF-series - Maintenenace training    

Rauma, Finland

  • Azimuth thruster, type UL/US/UUC/UUS - Maintenance training   

If you are unable to find a course or date that meets your needs, please contact us and we will do our best to find an alternative that suits your needs.

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