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Position Reference System Operator Course

After the course, the successful participant is able to:
  • Explain basic principles of HiPAP® (High Precision Acoustic Positioning) hardware and software, including transponder handling
  • Perform SSBL (Super Short Base Line) positioning from APOS (Acoustic Positioning Operator Station)
  • Perform basic maintenance of the HiPAP®
  • Operate HAIN Reference from APOS
  • Explain basic principles of GNSS and DGNSS
  • Explain DARPS principles and the computation of relative position
  • Give an in-depth functional explanation of the DARPS system, hardware and its display windows
  • Explain basic principles of RADius
  • Operate and configure the RADius system


Shuttle Tanker Navigators and DP Operators.


Position Reference Systems Operator Course Desc...

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