BRM / IMO 1.22 Ship sim Bridge Teamwork Generic

The Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork IMO Model Course 1.22 is made for all Maritime Bridge personnel based on the framework of IMO with requirements of the participants to hold Maritime certificates. The course is as of Sire 2.0 requirement.

Do you need more extensive knowledge and skills about Human Factors at sea? Most of accidents / near misses are caused by lack of Human Factor awareness, and by completing this course you will improve your knowledge and skills within the field of Human factor. 

The learning objectives of the course is in accordance with IMO Model Cource 1.22 and 1.39 and relates to the 1978 STCW Convention, as emended, are beeing reviced and updated after the adoption of the 2010 Manila Amendments. This also complies with the NMA BRM syllabus 29.01.2015.

This course will give the participants an extensive understanding of human factors at sea, to prevent incidents and near-misses and to handle critical situations in an operational context. The main goal is to give the course participants Improved leadership and resource management. The SSBT course will normally and advantageously include training together with Engine Resource Management. (Not requirement)

We also offer standard BRM and ERM courses (20 hours) in compliance with NMA.  


Duration of the course with Full Bridge Class A simulator training and theory is 4 days (36 hours), in addition to an e-learning module (4 hours) totals to 40 hours.

The e-learning will be made available up front of the course through a web portal. 

The course starts at 10:00 AM on Day 1, and ends at 16:00 PM Day 4.



The course covers compulsory topics both with e-learning, theory, cases studies and discussions:

  • How can you build successful teams?
  • Qualities in teamwork
  • Leadership work and situational leadership
  • Leading self
  • Why is Emotional competence important for leaders?
  • Effective communication, active listening, closed loop
  • Why Situational awareness could be so difficult, and so important
  • Creating mental models in your team – how do you do that?
  • Cultural understanding in a team context
  • Stress & fatigue – how can this affect the safety onboard?
  • Motivation, what about intrinsic & extrinsic motivational factors? 
  • How can we manage Conflict handling?
  • Values, attitudes and norms; how will that affect your team/behavior?
  • Finding root causes Human Factors
  • Crisis management – how do you handle the unexpected?
  • Simulator training in all topics above
  • Briefings and debriefs


     All Maritime Bridge personnel, maritime engineers or ships electrician with certificate. 



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