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Posmoor/ATA, DNV-ST-0023

EXAM OBJECTIVESThis exam tests the skills and competence of a DPO against the requirements given in the competence standard DNV Notation AJ/S/POS. The exam is a thorough test, covering the most important competences for a DPO, in compliancewith relevant DNV competence standards. The test measures how well operation of equipment, duties and tasks are performed, all in compliance with relevant international, national and local regulations and requirements. TARGET GROUPThe exam and certification is aimed at individuals presently, or in the process of becoming, responsible for operating rig and/or vessels with position mooring systems. ENTRY REQUIREMENTSRelevant DP courses and practice/training onboard a DP vessel in order to cover the content of the competence standard. Higly recommende to prepare for exam by following one of the KM courses listed below:
  • DNV DPO Re-certification preparatory course
  • DPO Specialization Posmoor ATA
  • K-Pos PM Operator Course - General (incl.remote)


Usual scheduled on Fridays after one of the above courses are finalized. 


Posmoor/ATA, DNV-ST-0023

Scheduled Courses

Courses with future dates

  • Date Duration Subject Location Price
  • 1 day Posmoor/ATA, DNV-ST-0023 Trondheim Grilstad NOK 31000.00 Book
  • 1 day Posmoor/ATA, DNV-ST-0023 Trondheim Grilstad NOK 31000.00 Book

E-Learning courses

No e-learning courses are currently scheduled.