DPO Revalidation Course - NI approved

By the end of the course the participants should:
- Have acquired knowledge of the latest rules and regulations
- Have acquired knowledge of the latest Developments within sensors and Position Reference Systems (PRS)
- Have acquired knowledge of the latest relevant DP incidents and why they occurred
- Be able to recognize the various alarm, warning and information messages
- Carry out operational planning, risk assessment and hazard identification tasks
- Set up the DP system for a particular task/operation
- Decide on courses of action because of system failure

In order to confirm your reservation, we need some information/documents:
1 – Your passport number;
2 – Your full address, including zip code;
3 – All filled pages of your logbook scanned;
4 – Scanned copy of your NI DP Certificate;
5 – Your COC

This course is intended for those who have already been issued a DPO certificate from The Nautical Institute but are unable to revalidate their DPO certificate due to insufficient DP sea time.

DPO certificate issued by The Nautical Institute.
Revalidation Course may be completed up to 6 months before the revalidation date set by The NI and will be valid for a period of 12 months only.
If the participant is completing the course for the first time, there is no minimum DP sea time requirement.
If the participant is completing the course for a second or subsequent time, a minimum of 28 days DP sea time will be required to revalidate. This DP time may be completed prior to or after the revalidation course.
Where the participant subsequently revalidates by completion of the full sea time requirement of 150 DP sea time days the next revalidation may be undertaken as if for the first time.


 DPO Revalidation Course


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