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Training on the use and maintenance of our Propulsion Control Systems.

Our Propulsion Control courses will give you a thorough introduction to the operation and maintenance of your specific product either it is MCON, Helicon X3, Helicon X, Vector Control, ROCCS or Aquapilot.

The training will be a combination of theoretical lessons, hands-on training in our training workshop and/or our controls simulators.   

Maintenance Training, Rauma, Finland

  • Aquapilot, remote control system

Maintenance Training Ålesund, Norway

  • MCON, remote control system
  • Helicon X3, remote control system
  • Helicon X, remote control system
  • Extended - Helicon X3, remote control system  
  • Retraining - Helicon X3, remote control system    

Maintenance Training Kokkola, Finland

  • Vector controls, remote control system
  • ROCCS, remote control system

Maintenance Training, Kristinehamn, Sweden

  • Canman, remote control system   
  • Canman Touch, remote control system   

If you are unable to find a course or date that meets your needs, please contact us and we will do our best to find an alternative that suits your needs.

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