Competence Assessment

Kongsberg's Competence Assessment measures soft skills and cognitive skills

KONGSBERG MARITIME have a proud history of helping our customers reach their goals. With both maritime, technical and operational competence, we work closely together with our customers to assess competence that measure key performance indicators. 

Verification of competency is to collect enough evidence that individuals can perform or behave to a specified standard in a defined role:

  • What the operator/engineer should know 
  • What skills the operator/engineer should be able to do
  • How the operator/engineer modifies his/her attitudes in various situations

Our long experience with a wide variety of Training and Advisory services every day, all over the globe, makes our services exceptional. We have a unique combination of technical and operational knowledge and skills. When customers have ideas or challenges that initiate competence assessment, we are proud to support through the process, create assessment and identify competence within different domains for a safe and efficient, operation. 

We all make judgements/assessments based upon personal impressions, which are subjective. Objective assessment however, needs to be measurable and is therefore based upon the setting of criteria and performance objectives. The Competence Assessment are related to functions and measurable standards of performance.

Various assessment methods can be used to assess competence. Two main methods for performing competence assessment are offered through online tests and onsite practical assessment. 

Online tests 

The entire process is streamlined for both the company and the assessed individuals. Companies are also able to assign thousands of tests with just one single click and be in full control of the assessment process.

Additional advantages for companies are: setting their own passing scores, comparing the performance of the assessed individuals to the industry and developing their own norm base.

  • Individuals can take the assessment anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • Can be hosted on own server – ensuring confidentiality
  • Content are provided by KONGSBERG
  • Questions can be tailor made to a specific operation/need
  • Enhance the «attitude» among crew for improving competence
  • Generate discussions on various topics

On site assessment (Training Centre)

The assessment can be done for both crews and individuals. 

Additional advantages for companies are: setting their own competence requirements, comparing the performance of the assessed crew / individuals to the industry and developing their own norm base. 

Cases and exercises using full scale bridge / engine-room simulator / operator station / crane simulator focusing on:

  • BRM / MRM elements and human factor 
  • Operations within DP, Crane, Automation, Navigation, 
  • Preparation for DNVGL DP Operator certification Scheme
  • Deck Officer Competence Examination



On board assessments through the Blended Learning Tool – DP-Cap™

DP-Cap is an eLearning and an assessment Tool in combination. The Tool is operated onboard the Vessels where the actual training is needed including Field Specific exercises. Devises used are Tablets that are operated online or offline. The exercises require an individual log-on, and the scores include for pass or fail criteria. Data from each eLearning module is a part of the overall training matrix for the Client and are included at the individual officer’s competency level.  ​

  • Each DP CAP level contains theoretical assessments with multiple choice questions. The questions are specific for each exercise, and are tailor made for verifying that the candidates have the level of knowledge necessary for this specific level before proceeding to the next level
  • The candidate has three tries available to pass the theoretical test. If the candidate fails to pass the test on three tries, he will need an administrator (Captain/ Chief Officer) to reset the exercise to have more attempts available
  • If a candidate fails a theoretical assessment, the questions and alternatives will not be repeated in the same order as previously, which raises the level of difficulty considerably. The intention is that the candidate will have to revisit the exercise part and redo the assessment after gaining more knowledge

Additionally, to the exam, an appointed administrator (Captain/ Chief Officer) will have to confirm that both the theoretical and the practical exercises were carried out in a good way and by the correct person. The confirmation is carried out by entering the administrator’s personal codes. 

Find a DP-Cap Training Matrix sample where DP-Cap is used as a tool I combination with simulator courses and sea time. The sample is for a shuttle tanker company.


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