We can offer the following types of engineering services:

Integration Engineering

Combining the automation products and know-how of Kongsberg Maritime with the power of in-house system engineering enables us to integrate electro, instrument and telecom product packages. Our philosophy is to gather the intelligence in the Integrated Control Safety System thus making the individual product packages non-intelligent. Centralising the system intelligence makes the individual product packages a commodity and a commercially viable solution is offered to our customers by combining quality EIT products from qualified product partners.

Interface Engineering

In our contracting business, important activities include gathering, controlling, distributing and following up interface information. The core of this engineering activity is to be an "information bank" where we shall understand the effect of and ensure quality control of the information going in and out of the info bank. We are utilising a powerful web based interface tool for quality and control of the large amounts of interface information that is typically exchanged in our projects.

Basic Engineering

Development of the operational philosophy is often called for in the basic engineering phase and we house experience that may assist you or develop the operational philosophy. For the basic or pre-engineering phase, We have experienced and capable personnel that may assist the customer in defining the project specifications. We will take charge in defining the functional requirements followed by recommended system solutions. Specifying the selected project vendors is another core activity of the basic engineering phase.

Detailed Engineering

The detailed engineering phase may be defined as "detailed design" to obtain the necessary level of completion for purchase, construction, configuration, installation, commissioning, start-up and operation.

Follow-up Engineering

We have experienced personnel that may assist the customers, yards and suppliers in typical follow-up activities such as preservation, maintenance programs, hook-up and installation supervision. The package engineering and supervision & follow-up in all phases leading up to the installation at the yard or similar are integral parts of our typical scope of work.

MC & Commissioning Engineering

We cover procedures, supervision and support to site teams in mechanical completion and commissioning engineering.