Sensor Reliability application

The need for accurate and reliable data is more important than ever. Sensors are your eyes overlooking the processes running your ship. By continuously sensing the levels, pressures and temperatures, and the combinations of these, you get the overview necessary for reliable asset management and safe operations.

As maritime instrumentation is particularly exposed to severe conditions like constant vibrations, heavy seas, extreme temperatures and potential explosive atmospheres, the condition of the sensor will be influenced. Monitoring this will optimize the maintenance required and increase lifetime of sensor.

The K-Gauge Sensor Reliability application utilize KONGSBERG extensive expertise in sensor technology, combined with current and historical data, to provide you the highest confidence in the measured data on-board your vessel. The application is available through Vessel Insight on Kognifai, designed and developed for maritime use by KONGSBERG.

How it works

Sensor information is continuously logged and stored in a database. Dynamic data like maximum exposed pressures and temperatures, sensor aging and drift, radar reflection curves and signal condition states are collected. The application extract the data, analyse health condition and monitor the status of each sensor. Static data like serialnumber, SW version and type designation is also stored for easy identification and service history.

K-Gauge Sensor Insight application view example. Upper left corner: Radar wave signal condition. Upper right corner: Tank sensor temperatures vs. ambient temperature. Lower half: Tank overview and respective sensor condition status.

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