Radar Tank Gauge for Oil, Product and Chemical tankers - GL-300

GL-300 Tank Monitoring System for Oil, Product and Chemical tankers consists of the GLA- 300/P Radar Tank Gauge, the GC-300 Cargo Temperature Unit and the GLK- 300 Signal Processing Unit.

Radar Tank Gauge GLA-300/P for oil, product and chemical tankers.

The KONGSBERG Radar Tank Gauge, GLA- 300/P, is designed with an offset parabolic antenna where both the signal transmitter and the parabolic antenna is angled 45 degrees to allow for natural draining should condensation and deposits from the tank atmosphere occur. The Radar Tank Gauge introduces modern and flexible arrangements for simple installation. The tank pressure transmitter is fully integrated mechanically, electronically and cabling wise. The radar technology provides accurate measurement regardless of the atmospheric conditions inside the tank.

Key features

  • Applicable for oil, product and chemical tankers
  • Radar RMS accuracy 2 mm
  • Half power beam width 6 ° (±3 °)
  • Measuring range 0 to 50 m
  • Operating temperature -45 to +85 °C
  • Environmental protection IP 66/67
  • Intrinsically safe Ex ia IIC T4
  • No parts in contact with the cargo
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Integrated tank pressure transmitter

Principle of operation

The Radar Tank Gauge employs the Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) principle with dual sweep technology to eliminate Doppler-effect caused by cargo movement. The distance (i.e. ullage) is derived from the time delay of the reflected signal. The electronic unit in the Gauge includes a patented signal detection method that ensures optimum performance.

A frequency sweeping microwave signal is emitted by the Radar Tank Gauge, and by aid of the offset parabolic antenna directed vertically down the tank. The high frequency combined with the antenna design gives a very narrow beam width of 6 ° (±3 °).

Tank installation

The Radar Tank Gauge adapts to a Gauge Socket with inner diameter of 200 mm or larger. The Gauge Socket shall be welded to the top of the tank, preferably as close to the centre of gravity of the tank as possible.

Optional sounding plug requires a Gauge Socket diameter from 400 mm and above. Also if strict cleaning of tank equipment is essential, a larger diameter socket than 200 mm can be used.

Tank pressure transmitter

The GT-450 tank pressure transmitter is fully integrated in the Radar Tank Gauge. The only installation work needed is connecting the cable to the terminal block, the rest is performed before delivery.

The GT-450 pressure transmitter is built around a dry, robust ceramic measurement capsule with internal capacitive sensing and with a ratiometric output. The ceramic capsule is "burned in" during the manufacturing, giving a transmitter with very good long term behaviour.

The robust ceramic membrane gives the transmitter well over pressures properties.

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