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Platform supply vessel design - UT 776 WP PSV

The most fuel-efficient PSV in the market. Specially designed for services to installations in deep waters far from land bases, this large PSV has excellent sea-keeping performance.

A proven track record on efficiency and optimised for speed and manoeuvrability

UT 776 WP is a large platform supply vessel with a 1000 sq.m deck that undertakes supply duties between land bases and offshore installations. It can also accommodate safety/rescue services and oil recovery service. The UT 776 WP is an optimised construction based on the very successful UT 776 CD/CDG. This vessel has excellent sea-keeping performance, optimised speed and manoeuvrability and excellent DP 2 capabilities.

The UT 776 WP is prepared for moonpool and specially designed for services to installations in deep waters far from land bases. The hull form has a proven track record as the most fuel-efficient PSV in the market. The model can also be delivered with lean burn gas engines. The cargo deck area is prepared for using the ASFA system for automated fastening of cargo. It can also be fitted with cargo rail cranes and safer deck operations to ensure easy cargo handling and keeping crew out of exposed areas. The propulsion system is based on a diesel / gas electric generating system with Azipull propulsion system.

The most fuel-efficient PSV in the market

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