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Standard tunnel thruster

Our tunnel thrusters are designed to provide side force to the ship to enhance manoeuvring capability in port or additional station keeping power when dynamic positioning, in addition to being used for keeping heading in trawl-mode. Well proven robust and reliable design. Auxiliary variant, Heavy Duty variant (DP) and Polar Thruster for the highest ICE-class notation.

Our range of tunnel thrusters are fitted to a wide range of vessels operating in all corners of the world. The system normally consists of the thruster unit with tunnel, hydraulic equipment, remote control and electrical drive motor with starter. Thrusters are available in both CP and FP versions.

Standard range cover propeller size from 1100 to 3300 mm diameter, and power from 200 to 4700 kW.

Key benefits:

  • Well proven design
  • Flexible design for optimal solutions in different operating conditions
  • Hydrodynamic optimised blade design for various operating profiles
  • Low installation and maintenance cost
  • Controllable pitch and Fixed Pitch solution
  • Approved for use of EAL oil.
  • Spare thrusters Available in Thruster Support Pool.