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Automation system, K-Chief

With decades of experience delivering automation systems for merchant marine and offshore vessels, KONGSBERG provides solutions that contribute to efficient and safe operations. The latest enhanced human machine interfaces (HMI) and open system architecture provide the highest standard in quality and functionality, making them the first choice for quality ship owners and operators.



Kongsberg Maritime as a supplier of integrated ship systems, plays an increasingly important role in operation of vessels. Extensive investments in research and development have resulted in a system concept, which will reduce costs, improve the operation of the machineries and reduce the likelihood of human errors and thus accidents. With our latest KONGSBEG common human computer interface (HMI), vessel automation has been brought one step further. Ease of use and with increased inherent learnability, K-Chief has become even more versatile for all types of vessels - from low complexity alarm systems to highly integrated control and monitoring systems by including:

  • Alarm and monitoring system
  • Auxiliary control system
  • Power management system
  • Propulsion control
  • Ballast system
  • Cargo monitoring and control
  • HVAC (air conditioning

The common KONGSBERG HMI is used throughout our portfolio of control, automation and navigation solutions providing benefits across the board from training and safety through to operational efficiency – qualities that have been proven to save time, effort and mistakes which translate into saving money. Professional user input has been a vital aspect in the development of the new HMI and its implementation to K-Chief.

Close cooperation with professional mariners has ensured user-friendly and unambiguous presentation of alarms and process information. Operation dialogues for process elements, for example pumps or diesel-generators, present information on alarm states and operational procedures, assisting the operator in making decisions based on accurate data and instructions. The K-Chief fully supports context-sensitive online help, an application that will further the usability and increase operators’ proficiency.

Economical and ecological benefits

The vessel performance concept provides a set of tools that enables ship owners and operators to manage their vessels in ways that are more economical and ecologically beneficial, without violating safety regulations.

Vessel performance

The vessel performance application assists in finding the optimal vessel speed, draft and trim, route and engine modes. It also enables weather planning to avoid unfavorable sailing conditions and minimize fuel consumption.

Fully compliant

The K-Chief automation system complies with the requirements of IMO, local maritime authorities, IACS, and the classification societies. It is designed to meet the classification societies requirements for periodically unmanned engine room operation. The system confirms to all rules and regulations, and all modules are type approved.