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Fully automatic integrated gangway

Through integrated mission planning, automated vessel manoeuvring and autonomous gangway connection, K-Walk introduces an innovative approach to personnel and cargo transfer during Wind Farm construction and maintenance operations.

K-Walk takes a new approach to increasing productivity and efficiency for Walk-to-Work vessels. While providing a completely safe, automatic, motion compensated gangway for the fast transfer of personnel and materials, integration enables more efficient approach and settlement at wind turbines and more effective logistics.



  • Integrated mission planning and automated vessel manoeuvring
  • Integrated with Dynamic Positioning System (K-Pos) for a fully automatic connection using precision reference systems and increasing operability by reduced manning (controlled from DP bridge)


  • Slope-less transfer of personnel and cargo
  • Integrated lift for step-less transfer
  • Increased operational weather window due to roll compensation of pedestal


  • Improved efficiency through Hybrid AC design solution
  • Integrated Energy control with advisory tools
  • Energy management accounting for DP dynamics

Technical data

  • Significant wave height: < Hs 3.5m
  • Weight: ~95 tones
  • Live load capacity: 3 x personnel + 1000 kg of cargo
  • Height of pedestal: Max 22 m
  • Telescopic gangway: 20 +/- 4 meter
  • Minimum internal width of gangway bridge: 1200 mm
  • Minimum free walk height 2100 mm
  • Material: Steel


  • 330°slewing range
  • Tilted Pedestal ± 8°
  • Roll Compensation for operations < Hs 3.5m
  • Height Adjustable

Integrated Lift

  • 2000 kg load carrying capacity
  • Internal dimensions 1600 x 2800 x 2200 mm (W x D x H)
  • Door dimensions 1200 x 2100 mm (W x H)
  • Automatic docking towards heave compensated gangway bridge / king
  • Synchronized lift and gangway control systems
  • Direct access to / from storage area, weather deck

Control System

  • Kongsberg K-Walk Control System is specially designed for gangway operations and is fully redundant
  • The controller unit contains two powerful control computers and I/O units to provide an interface to motors, instruments, sensors and dual LAN interface for other Kongsberg Systems
  • The Gangway Control System is designed for seamless integration with Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning system, K-Pos and Vessel Control system, K-Chief by means of network connections

Integrated Operator Environment and Dedicated Gangway Views

  • Single window operational environment
  • Innovative levers and touch solutions
  • Adjustable and retractable screen and seating positions for total viewing
  • Gangway view with status, sensor, reference and position information


  • Designed to DNVGL-ST-0358 Certification of offshore gangways for personnel transfer - Edition December 2015

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