Towcon winch control system for anchor handling vessel

Provides the winch operator with full oversight over towing and anchor handling operations. Compact design for easy installation and low cost with low impact on the hull structure. Offers weight saving compared to other systems. System sits flush with deck when not in use and can be interfaced to our TowCon control system.

Towcon RT is our control system designed to operate and monitor the large towing / anchor handling winch on AHTS. Its operator interface consists of ergonomically designed control handles and integrated push buttons for all key functions.

These are installed in the aft facing bridge console, in the armrests of the winch operator's chair, or both, while a portable controller is an option.

All relevant information is displayed on the touch screen graphical user interface. The layout ensures that the winch operator has full oversight over towing and anchor handling situations and can communicate with other of our Safer Deck Operations equipment.

Towcon RT controls winch speed and tension, torque step, coupling, brakes and command transfer, with appropriate alarms and monitoring and system redundancy to avoid failures during critical operations. It is fully based on our common control platform technology, so it can be interfaced with other systems such as DP, power management or central alarm.

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