Remote Services for HiPAP systems

HiPAP users world wide can now benefit from Remote Services, enabling a new way of supporting the operation, service and maintenance of HiPAP systems.

Kongsberg Remote Services is a tool for KONGSBERG certified engineers worldwide to connect to a HiPAP system upon customer request and provide remote support. It can reduce the need for onboard visits by KONGSBERG Service personnel, saving both time and cost while reducing downtime due to shorter response time on support requests.

Kongsberg Remote Services are built on a common technology platform for KONGSBERG products. When installed on board Remote Services can support several KONGSBERG products on the same platform. The system is designed to address the challenges of establishing a secure and reliable remote session to the vessel HiPAP system via satellite communications. KONGSBERG's global secure network is developed in-house and all communications are authenticated and encrypted by a Kongsberg Maritime controlled PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) regime.

If a user requires support, the operator simply needs to request to press the 'Remote support' button on the HiPAP Operator Station (APOS). The request will then be handled by a KONGSBERG certified engineer in a KONGSBERG Support center. The engineer can view the operator's screen and assist via telephone or text chat through remote services.

Initially, the on board user cannot operate the system during the support session, only view the screen onboard. The next level in the process is to enable the KONGSBERG support engineer to operate the system, check parameters and other status information. Execution of specific tasks can be carried out.

If remote operation of the system shall be carried out, risk assessment and remote safe job analysis will have been completed by the customer and KONGSBERG in advance. Remote operation is only done by a certified KONGSBERG engineer after onboard personnel have initiated and approved the session and the time duration is agreed.

Typical tasks than can be executed by Remote Services include:

  • Transducer alignment
  • Transducer alignment analysis
  • LBL Array calibration
  • LBL Array runtime calibration
  • Software Upgrade (cNODE)
  • Configure new options
  • HAIN alignment
  • Post processing of DVL calibration
  • Troubleshooting in general
  • Configure outputs/inputs
  • General System Check

The onboard installation consists of a Kongsberg Remote Service kit that contains a pre-programmed router, malware protection computer and software for the operator stations. The HiPAP APOS system may require a software upgrade to use this new feature.

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