New Mode-Based, Energy-Focused Integrated Solutions Deliver Optimal Efficiency for Operators

Kongsberg Maritime's energy, handling and operational technology solutions are to be further combined in complete vessel concepts under a new 'Integration' strategy introduced at ONS 2016. KONGSBERG is creating a new integrated platform to enable solutions that network seamlessly to provide tangible benefits with efficient operations on vessels and ashore.

KONGSBERG's unique integrated vessel concepts meet the current and future demands of customers in the seaborne, offshore and marine marketplaces. Each individual concept is tailored for specific vessel types and the unique integration provides a technology edge, by combining separate systems to enhance day-to-day performance and long-term asset management.

The new concepts are a natural evolution of KONGSBERG's Full Picture approach and promise to deliver much-needed integrated performance through even greater operational efficiency. The concepts utilise distributed technology platform architecture, unified into a unique technology edge working as one across the energy, handling and operational solutions. This provides a mode-based operational environment that collects information, delivers analysis and empowers proof-enabled decision-making.

KONGSBERG's unique integrated approach delivers cost savings and enhances vessel and fleet efficiency, safety, life-cycle management, reliability and availability with complete benefits on each, while strengthening decision making capabilities and enabling the continual optimisation of energy use. The unified solutions also enhance on-shore expertise that can steer on-board activity, feeding into planning, monitoring and controlling complex operations, and making real-time decisions in close collaboration with crew, while also providing a layer for analysis. This improves performance, efficiency and productivity.

Redefining energy management to energy control using new technical energy solutions that work in harmony with dynamic operation environments to monitor, manage and optimise energy use is a key aspect of KONGSBERG's new integration concepts. This results in optimal energy utilisation, less environmental impact and maintenance free solutions, for all vessels and all power sources, from conventional fuels to battery, hybrid and LNG.

Other core technology aspects include advanced handling solutions with integrated control and energy management. KONGSBERG's truly automated heave compensating, high precision and energy efficient handling solutions enable better productivity, reduce costs and improve safety and security for the most demanding handling tasks. Integrated with i.e. energy systems, automation and dynamic positioning, maritime handling operations become safer and more cost effective.

Handling solutions are designed with the unique principles of utilising energy from rotating equipment to optimise and regenerate power that reduces energy utilisation. The integration of automation with the dynamics of the vessel operations enhances productivity and reduces human error.

Integration is a network and service layer that supports greater distributed control and monitoring functions across diverse equipment on board a vessel. Such an integrated network provides enhanced fleet management, enabled by increased connectivity, data capture and analysis in addition to continual control and measurement, with information now available on a single integrated platform supporting efficient planning, execution and decision making. Essentially, integration delivers a unified platform helping better resource utilisation, sharing and task management for today and tomorrow.

"On the path to autonomy and remotely controlled operations, our new approach to integration is an important step forward. Greater integration mitigates risk and introduces superior cross-vessel understanding and situational awareness. Connecting systems increases potential for automation and autonomy, with more automated procedures and less personnel, enhancing safety and security," said Stene Førsund, EVP Global Sales & Marketing, Kongsberg Maritime.