Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. releases new software for the M3 sonar

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd., a Kongsberg Maritime subsidiary and a leader in the underwater acoustic industry, announces the release of M3 Sonar Software V1.4 with a split-beam profiling mode and improved GeoTIFF export capabilities. Developed to support various applications, the new software features provide users expanded capabilities of the M3 Sonar in terms of application versatility and data interpretation.

3D point cloud of bucket dredges and sunken log in Squamish River.

New Features

  1. Split-beam profiling
  2. Improved GeoTIFF export for mosaic images
  3. Sonar Head synchronization
  4. Support for Echoview® Software

"This new software is an important milestone in the Company’s advancement in multibeam technology," said Colin Smith, Multibeam Product Manager. "We have recognized the needs of our customers and developed an innovative system that provides multiple operating modes for multiple applications in one sonar head."

M3 Sonar Applications

The new software features increase the capabilities of the M3 Sonar in various applications including:

  • Marine engineering
  • Site inspection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Site clearance
  • Defense and security

The M3 Multimode Sonar provides high-resolution and easy to interpret images by combining the rapid refresh rate of conventional multibeam sonar with image quality comparable to single-beam sonar. With four pre-defined operating modes (imaging, enhanced image quality, ROV navigation and profiling), the M3 Sonar provides application capability not found in any other system.

Mosaic image collected at the Squamish River in B.C., Canada.
Mosaic image collected in Port Moody, B.C., Canada.