Kongsberg Evotec back deck handling system chosen for new 'Sanco Sword' Seismic Ship

-- As January 21, 2019 Evotec is no longer a part of Kongsberg Maritime --

Complete solution includes streamer, gun and wide tow handling systems.

Sanco Sword, due for completion in April 2014 is a 96m long, 23m wide seismic streamer vessel with accommodation for 60 people.

Kongsberg Evotec has been contracted to supply a complete Back Deck handling system for 'Sanco Sword', Sanco Shipping's second 16 streamer vessel under construction at the Kleven Maritime Myklebust Shipyard. The vessel will be operated by Dolphin Geophysical of Bergen, and is the second in the ST324 series designed by Skipsteknisk in Ålesund. The first, Sanco Swift will feature the same Kongsberg Evotec Back Deck handling system, ordered in November 2011.

Sanco Sword, which is due for completion in April 2014 is a 96m long, 23m wide seismic streamer vessel with accommodation for 60 people. It will be equipped to tow up to 16 streamers, each with capacity for 12,000m streamer cables and will feature state-of-the-art technology for cable, wire and rope handling, in terms of system design and a control system that includes intelligent IO nodes and the latest in industrial Ethernet technology.

Kongsberg Evotec's complete Back Deck handling system consists of three main systems. The Streamer, Gun and Wide Tow Handling Systems all feature the necessary winches, blocks, tools and devices to carry-out all handling tasks on the back deck. All components are designed and manufactured to high standards, in order to withstand the loads and pressure they are exposed to during normal operation.

In addition, the Back Deck Control System offers complete, integrated control of the Streamer, Gun and Wide Tow Handling Systems. It is designed to be highly reliable and to enable the operator to control the entire Back Deck handling system in a safe and efficient manner from a single location. The control system includes synchronised spooling, automatic spooling, tension/load measuring with overload alarms and memory function ID, including i.e. power failure.

"We are delighted that Kleven Maritime has shown its faith in the Back deck handling system we are supplying for Sanco Swift by ordering an identical set-up for Sanco Sword," comments Torkjell Ringstad, SVP Sales & Marketing, Kongsberg Evotec. "We are looking forward to continued close cooperation on this and other projects and are confident that the system will ensure safe and efficient back deck operations when both vessels are delivered."