EM 2040 multibeam echosounder now available with the HUGIN AUV

A model of the integration with the HUGIN AUV. The TX transducer is the unit nearest to the front.
This image was obtained outside Horten, Norway with HUGIN running at 10 metres altitude in single sector mode with high ping rate. The pole is approximately 3.6 metre long.

Kongsberg Maritime's next generation multibeam echosounder the EM 2040 is now available with the HUGIN Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - AUV. With improved resolution and depth rating of 6000 metres, this provides a substantial improvement from the EM 2000 used in deep-water HUGIN versions up to now.

The EM 2040 integrated with HUGIN AUV uses a single RX transducer system, which gives a maximum coverage sector of 140 degrees. The system has a large frequency range and can operate at 200, 300 or 400 kHz. All modes are available with the HUGIN. At 400 kHz the echosounder can operate on an internal trigger, resulting in ping rates exceeding 20 Hz at low altitude. At low altitude with a 0.7 degree resolution, 25 μs pulse length and dynamic focusing, resolution and sounding spacing is better than 10x10 cm. The EM 2040 has so far been used on a HUGIN operated by WTD71, a research institution under the German MoD, and with one of Kongsberg Maritime's own HUGIN vehicles. Several sea trials have been conducted in April and May both in Horten and Eckernförde in Germany. The results are very promising.