Kongsberg Maritime acquires Metasystems

New acquisition a perfect fit for Kongsberg Maritime's Green Ship strategy

Metasystems logo

As part of its strategy to create a green ship product line, Kongsberg Maritime recently announced the acquisition of Metasystems AS. MetaSystems AS develops Intelligent Electronic Applications in terms of software, sensors and instruments for the maritime and land based industries, with the goal of increasing customers' profitability through optimal and safe operations.

Complete integration

Metasystems AS will be completely integrated into Kongsberg Maritime and its products will complement the company's existing product range within ship performance analysis, contributing to the optimal running of ships. Kongsberg Maritime has extensive experience in the design of equipment for use under extreme maritime conditions, using state-of-the-art technology to assure high reliability and the new addition to the portfolio will enhance its systems further.

Metasystems' applications can be delivered as stand alone installations or integrated with Kongsberg's K-Chief 500, 600 or 700 monitoring and control systems. As a result of the acquisition, Kongsberg Maritime will be able to deliver Ship Performance Analysis Systems, integrating Metasystems' MetaPower Ship Performance application with advanced software that continuously analyses performance data. The system can provide diagnostics of vessel performance based on excess fuel consumption and includes features such as voyage fuel consumption reports, reports on short and long term trends in performance, docking interval planning as well as sea trial mode and reports.

The Torque Metre MetaPower system is intended for the measurement of RPM, torque and power transferred from the main engine to the propeller(s), and can be integrated with Kongsberg's AutoChief C20 propulsion control system.

Minimal emissions

All these measurements help to ensure the optimal running of the ship, resulting in minimal emissions. Additionally, by transmitting measured data via satellite from ship to shore, the shipping company's operation management is able to decide the most economical operating modes for the ship's engine and propulsion system.

Vice President of Offshore and Marine at Kongsberg Maritime, Morten Hasås, says that the acquisition is an important addition to Kongsberg Maritime's strategy for developing a green product line.

Green ships strategy

"Our primary goal within the green ships strategy is to ensure optimal running of the machinery, resulting in less emissions. One way of achieving this is to adjust the ship optimally, using these measurements as a baseline. The torque measurement offered by Metasystems gives an indication of the ship's performance compared to the initial baseline, thereby limiting the risk of over-stressing the engine, which reduces maintenance and repair costs. In addition they enable accurate calculation of fuel consumption per kWh produced by the engine. By combining this technology with our already existing equipment we aim to integrate a 'green' concept throughout our entire product range," said Hasås.