Maritime University Szczecin purchase major engine room simulator upgrade

Jerzy Listewnik - Professor Marine Engineering, Boleslaw Kuzniewski - Ph.D.Eng. and Rector, Svein Holmøy - Kongsberg Maritime, and members of the board - Maritime University Szczecin.

The Maritime University Szczecin in Poland has contracted a major upgrade and extension of their KONGSBERG Engine Room Simulator, from MC90 version III to version IV. This will provide the Maritime University Szczecin with one of the highest fidelity engine room simulation models on offer, allowing the Academy professional and realistic engine room training for years to come.

Combined training

The new MC90 version IV can be connected to the Polaris Bridge Simulator to form a complete ship simulator. A combined system like this exchange a large number of parameters to provide high fidelity training to both the bridge and engine room level, and is ideal for communication and emergency procedures training.

From UNIX to Windows

The new contract includes a conversion of the current engine room simulator from UNIX to Windows® platform. Among others this conversion allows dual screen monitoring and enhanced instructor functionalities. The full mission Sulzer RTA Container Engine Room simulation model will take these features into full use.


Together with additional student desktop stations, improved and expanded number of hardware panels, and enhanced environment sound systems, the delivery will also provide the following engine room simulation models:

  • M11-MaK-IV- Ferry
  • DE22 AC/AC – Cruise
  • GT22 LM2500 – Gas Turbine
  • SP25 – Steam Turbine

Long simulator history

The Maritime University Szczecin ordered their first Dieselsim DPS100 Engine Room Simulator from us in 1980 and has since been a valued customer.