sustainable oceans in Singapore

Kongsberg Maritime Singapore teams up with the SeaKeepers Society Asia in engaging with the local community by sharing how technology is used in marine conservation and ensuring a sustainable blue economy.

Martin Gutowski, Sensor and Robotics’ Sales Director at Kongsberg Maritime Singapore gave several presentations at local schools over recent years about the application of technology in research and conservation of the marine environment.

The classes are part of the SeaKeepers educational sessions that focus on marine conservation and also include beach clean-ups and floating classrooms. Martin engages secondary school students by explaining how nature inspires developments of systems that are used to make the underwater world visible. Underwater sound is used my marine mammals for communication and sourcing food as it is by human technology to survey the oceans. Sonar systems produce maps that are used as nautical charts for navigation, for studies of the environment and to look for missing aircrafts and assess and protect fish stocks.

Martin, who holds a PhD in marine geophysics, says that he is exited revisiting his academic roots sharing his knowledge and kindling interest in our technology and its use towards a sustainable use of the oceans. He says that all students were well aware that Mount Everest is the highest point on earth but less knew that the Mariana trench is the deepest point in the oceans, and they discovered that Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain when measured from its base in the deep sea to its peak in Hawaii.

Seakeepers Society

The International SeaKeepers Society is a non-profit organization focusing on the health of the world’s oceans and climate. SeaKeepers works with the boating and yachting community to take advantage of their unique potential in order to further marine research and to raise awareness about the issues our oceans face. The International SeaKeepers Society acts as a global catalyst working with governments, scientists, industry, and other marine organizations to further its mission and to support sensible, achievable marine protection and restoration.

“It was a great success! The students enjoyed Martin’s session with the interesting topics and very different from their everyday lessons. This session achieved our 500th participant mark for our international Seakeepers Society, Asia Educational Sessions since 2016.”
Julian Chang, President of the International SeaKeepers Society in Asia

The International SeaKeepers Society established the International SeaKeepers Society, Asia in 2016. This expansion in Asia is under the leadership of Julian Chang. Operations run parallel to the headquarters of SeaKeepers in the USA, with a main focus on expanding the impact of the DISCOVERY Yachts Program.

Discovery Yachts are privately owned vessels which facilitate programming by providing access to the ocean for research, scientific discovery, community outreach and artistic inspiration. From hosting learning opportunities for children to facilitating research for genome sequencing; yachts are the platform to enable our goals and achieve our motto of Research. Educate. Protect and Restore.

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