University of Split buys full mission engine room simulator

Full mission simulator

Full mission engine room simulator

The Faculty of Maritime Studies at the University of Split has awarded KONGSBERG with a contract for the supply of a full mission engine room simulator.

Engine modelled

The simulator models the engine room of a very large crude carrier fitted with a MAN B&W slow speed turbo charged diesel engine. The ERS-L11 MAN B&W 5L90MC–VLCC-IV simulator model includes facilities to run both fixed and controllable propeller. The dynamic behaviour of the simulator is based on real engine data and has a dynamic behaviour extremely close to the real engine response.

Model functions

The electrical plant includes two diesel generators, one turbo generator, one shaft generator/ motor, and one 180 kW emergency generator. The steam plant includes a D-type steam boiler, exhaust boiler, 4 cargo turbines, ballast turbine and condensing and feed water systems.

Simulator facilities

The simulator includes a control room operator station with a full set of panels and the local consoles and panels found throughout the engine room.