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Kongsberg Maritime fast facts

Key information including business activities, market segments, manufacturing locations, ownership, number of employees, operating revenues, etc.

Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine is now an integrated part of Kongsberg Maritime

About the integration

Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime’s history as part of leading Norwegian industrial powerhouse KONGSBERG stretches back over 200 years. Today, more than 18,000 merchant ships, fishing vessels, cruise liners, ferries and superyachts, as well as offshore support and research vessels, offshore installations and government craft, depend on Kongsberg Maritime technology and people, wherever they are.

With a clear mission to engender immediate and long-term value for customers globally, Kongsberg Maritime is a trusted, stable technology and service delivery partner with a firm focus on developing integrated and intelligent solutions that optimise operations at sea, while simultaneously reducing the resulting environmental impact.

Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine

Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine’s world-class technical capabilities encompass vessel design, the integration of complex systems and the supply and support of power and propulsion equipment. Established at the forefront in mission-critical systems for offshore oil and gas rigs, offshore, merchant and naval vessels, Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine boasts one of the broadest product ranges in the world.

Seventy of the world’s maritime forces and more than 30,000 commercial vessels operate safely and efficiently with Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine systems cutting through complexity and delivering failsafe operations, from the engine room to the working deck.

The unified company

The unification and combined expertice of Kongsberg Maritime and Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine covers a fleet of more than 30,000 vessels. While we are the largest marine technology specialist organisation in the world, with the most extensive product and knowledge base, our focus continues to be on customers and the environment. Only by listening to and predicting industry needs can we enable the transformation so needed to put safety and sustainability first, while continuing to generate value for all stakeholders.

Today, The Full Picture consists of two product portfolios with two world-class support networks and almost twice as many expert staff and global locations. The union of Kongsberg Maritime and Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine will shape the maritime future with leading-edge operational technology, solutions for big data and digital transformation, new electric and hybrid power systems and truly game-changing developments in remote operations and Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS).

One KONGSBERG - Performing together

Business activities

We specialise in the development and delivery of integrated vessel concepts for traditional merchant vessels, ROPAX and fishing vessels, as well as offshore and research vessels and offshore installations. Kongsberg Maritime supplies products and systems for advanced mapping and surveying, sonars, underwater communication, marine robotics (Unmanned Surface Vessels and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), and deliver deck machinery, propulsion, electrical, automation and control solutions. Our systems enhance efficiency and safety throughout the whole maritime technology spectrum and we offer additional competence in providing turnkey design and engineering services within the shipbuilding sectors.

Market sectors

Key markets are countries with large fisheries, offshore, shipyard, energy exploration and production industries. In exploration we provide sophisticated underwater and positioning technology and systems for survey vessel operations. In field development, we support construction and offshore vessels with innovative solutions for operation and specialist applications, while in production our hardware and software enhances output and minimises downtime. For maritime transport, fisheries and offshore vessels, we supply The Full Picture, including deck machinery, propulsion, navigation, automation, training, safety and autonomous solutions.

Market segments

  • Cargo vessels
  • Cruise and ferry
  • Fishing and fisheries
  • Offshore supply and service
  • Offshore exploration and production
  • Tugs and workboats
  • Specialist vessels, including polar research ships and wind farm support vessels
  • Coastguard and other naval vessels
  • Subsea mapping and exploration
  • Marine information technology
  • Process automation
  • Autonomous solutions

Manufacturing locations


  • Vancouver (Port Coquitlam), British Columbia - Sonars & altimeters


  • ZhenJiang - Sensors


  • Kokkola - Waterjets
  • Rauma - Azimuth thrusters & Deck machinery


  • Hamburg - Subsea monitoring and inspection
  • Kiel - Subsea gas measurement & environmental monitoring


  • Bergen (Godvik) - Power electric systems
  • Bergen (Hagavik) - Steering gear
  • Brattvaag - Deck machinery
  • Hjørungavåg - Seismic and subsea
  • Longva - Automation and control
  • Horten (Bekkajordet) - Automation and control
  • Horten (Strandpromenaden) - Underwater navigation, echo sounders, sonars, autonomy
  • Kongsberg - DP, navigation, automation & control
  • Trondheim - Sensors, navigation, communication
  • Ulsteinvik - Propellers and thrusters


  • Kristinehamn - Propellers

United Kingdom

  • Dunfermline – Stabilisers & Naval steering gear
  • Great Yarmouth - Multibeam echosounders, sonars & sub bottom profilers


  • Pocasset, Massachusetts - Autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Seattle (Lynnwood), Washington - Autonomous underwater vehicles

Senior management

  • Egil Haugsdal, President

Number of employees

  • 7275 people in 117 offices in 34 countries (31. September. 2019)

Operating revenues

  • Operating revenues: 7 545 MNOK (2018 - prior to merger)
  • EBITDA: 594 MNOK (2018 - prior to merger)
  • Annual reports


Kongsberg Maritime is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kongsberg Gruppen (KONGSBERG). KONGSBERG is an international technology corporation that delivers advanced and reliable solutions that improve safety, security and performance in complex operations and during extreme conditions. The Group is a customer-focused organisation with a worldwide performance culture. KONGSBERG works with demanding customers in the global defence, maritime, oil and gas and aerospace industries.

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