cPAP Subsea Transceiver

Subsea transceiver

The cPAP MK II subsea transceiver is specifically designed for the precision positioning of ROVs and other underwater vehicles in both subsea long baseline (LBL) and Sparse LBL array configurations. Utilizing the advanced Kongsberg Cymbal wideband acoustic protocol, the cPAP MK II delivers centimetric accuracy for ranges and high data rates for telemetry purposes.

Versatile Power and User Control

Boasting a rechargeable battery pack, the cPAP MK II reduces the peak current drawn from the external power supply, which also acts as an uninterruptible power supply for the transceiver in case of external voltage disruption. This ensures continuous, reliable operation. Accommodating user control, the unit is compatible with Kongsberg's APOS navigation software for comprehensive LBL functionality as well as third-party control through a dedicated NMEA command port.

Durability and Construction

The cPAP MK II is built robustly to withstand the pressures of the deep ocean, with depth ratings of 4000 m and 6000 m. The 6000 m variant is constructed with titanium, and its transducers from stainless steel, to ensure longevity and resistance to corrosion whereas the 4000 m variant features an aluminum housing, providing a lightweight solution without compromising on strength or functionality.

Key features

  • The key features of the cPAP MK II subsea transceiver include:
  • 560+ Cymbal Wideband Channels
  • LBL positioning and tethered vehicles support
  • Telemetry with centimetric precision ranges and high data rates
  • External power supply (24 VDC)
  • Rechargeable battery pack for reduced peak current
  • Depth rating of 4000m and 6000m
  • Navigation software APOS for full LBL functionality
  • Dedicated port for NMEA commands
  • Choice of transducers
  • User control interface

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