Rental services in Kongsberg Discovery

Our rental pool offers KONGSBERG equipment to key markets including offshore oil and gas, subsea and merchant marine.
There are many benefits to renting equipment, and it can often save you both time and money. Through our rental service you can rent for short- or long-term projects and have access to KONGSBERG's expertise and customer support. We will develop a solution that meets your specific requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Rental is an attractive option as it helps to reduce overheads by avoiding capital investments
  • Eliminates costs related to equipment maintenance and storage
  • Removes the risk of owning obsolete equipment
  • Increases operational efficiencies whilst still retaining access to the latest technologies
  • Helps to supplement own equipment in support of larger projects
  • Gives access to equipment at short notice
  • Mitigates the risk of project and vessel downtime during equipment failures or when goods need to be returned for service
  • An opportunity to try equipment without commitment to purchase – ‘try before you buy’.