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Your Extreme: The ocean space – food production at sea

Since 2013, KONGSBERG has collaborated with NTNU in arranging the student competition YOUR EXTREME. This is a 48 hour case competition, where groups of 2–5 students work on solving a hypothetical future scenario where sustainability and technology are at the core of the problem.

The purpose of the competition has been to motivate students to complete their degrees, due to the significant drop-out of first and second-year students in certain subjects, and to relate their theoretical knowledge to solving practical problems they may encounter in working life.

In 2018, the topic of the competition was “The ocean space – food production at sea”. The challenge presented was to describe how to exploit the opportunities of the seas and create a sustainable aquaculture and food production on an industrial scale. The students were asked to design the “from sea to plate” value chain on an overarching level, reflect on technical and societal issues connected to sea-related food production, and subsequently describe the solution and go into detail regarding one or two of the technical solutions proposed.

This year’s winner was the team “Worst Case Scenario”. Their proposal was based on circular economic theory which entails designing an industry so that the fewest possible resources are wasted. In their entry, the team demonstrated the use of technology and expertise in an innovative and sustainable way. Their solution addressed five criteria: Problem delimitation, innovation, feasibility, sustainability and market potential.

The winners were named by a jury consisting of Geir Håøy, CEO and president of KONGSBERG, Pål André Eriksen, KONGSBERG’s Technology Forum, Gunnar Bovim, rector at NTNU, Martha Kold Bakkevig, KONGSBERG board member and Alexandra Bech Gjørv, CEO of SINTEF.

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