KONGSBERG aims for Olympic gold in 2024 and 2028

KONGSBERG extends its partnership with the SUMMIT project with Olympiatoppen, to include both the 2024 and 2028 Olympics and Paralympics.

KONGSBERG and Olympiatoppen join forces to win gold at the 2028 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Los Angeles. KONGSBERG has been a partner of SUMMIT 2024 for two years, and now extends its partnership for a new four-year period.

Olympiatoppen and the Norwegian Confederation of Sports launched SUMMIT 2024 in 2022 as a joint effort between businesses, the public and athletes. The goal was to lift ten selected sports to medals and success at the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Paris in 2024. The project includes 130 athletes in total, fighting for tickets to the Olympics and Paralympics, and medals when they get there.  

Summit 2024: One team. Ten sports. 130 athletes

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KONGSBERG is one of three partner companies in SUMMIT 2024, and the first partner company to sign for SUMMIT 2028.  

"KONGSBERG has been a constructive and enthusiastic partner in SUMMIT since day one. The project was somewhat of a pilot towards 2024, and the experience was so positive that Olympatioppen wants to both continue and develop it. We are very grateful that Kongsberg wants to be part of this for the next four years," says director of Olympiatoppen, Tore Øvrebø.  

The contributions from partners such as KONGSBERG go towards funding equipment, coaches, and training camps in pursuit of marginal gains. The goal is a national boost towards success at the Olympics and Paralympics in Paris.

"For these ten sports, SUMMIT has meant increased resources, an elite sporting community, and access to expertise in the run-up to Paris. When KONGSBERG commits to four more years, that means more a more predictable future for the athletes, improved financial stability, and new research opportunities towards LA in 2028 as well," Øvrebø adds.

KONGSBERG also contributes to SUMMIT with technological expertise

"We’ve had a fruitful partnership for two years, and we are proud to announce already that we’re going for four more. These athletes and KONGSBERG have in common that we compete at the top of our fields internationally. The margins are small. To win gold, you need talent, dedication and an almost infinite amount of hours training. We’re happy to contribute to giving these 130 athletes a community of sponsors, enabling them to focus on performing in the Olympics and Paralympics," says Geir Håøy, President and CEO of KONGSBERG.

The technological sector in KONGSBERG has also contributed to concrete development projects at Olympiatoppen, like solutions to make the rower’s boats a few hundreds of a second faster. 

"Over the next four-year period, Olympiatoppen will use these experiences to look for new areas where the sports and the technological circles can work together to develop the knowledge needed for more medals," says Øvrebø.

Olympiatoppen and KONGSBERG encourage more companies to participate in a national effort to lift up the ten sports of wrestling, table tennis, skateboard, taekwondo, paddling, rowing, shooting, swimming and triathlon. Athletes within nine of ten SUMMIT-sports are qualified for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.

SUMMIT 2028: One team. Ten sports. 130 athletes

SUMMIT 2028 organized by Olympiatoppen connects sports and athletes with partners to help fund the road to Los Angeles 2028. The project is a national effort between businesses, the public, and athletes. The donations fund equipment, coaches, and training camps in pursuit of marginal gains. The goal is a national boost towards success at the 2028 Summer Olympics. SUMMIT 2028 is a continuation of SUMMIT 2024.


Within the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF), Olympiatoppen is tasked with the development of Norwegian elite sports and athletes. This is done through the national team model, where different associations are responsible for their own elite athletes, while Olympiatoppen has the overall responsibility for developing results within Norwegian elite sports. Olympiatoppen is responsible for executing Norway’s participation in the Olympic and Paralympic games.


KONGSBERG is a leading global technology corporation delivering mission-critical solutions with extreme performance for customers that operate under extremely challenging conditions. Working together as a global team, we have created an integrated portfolio of solutions, for businesses, partners and nations operating from the depths of the sea; to outer space; to the digital frontier. KONGSBERG has 13.000 employees and operates in 40 countries, with a turnover of 40 billion NOK in 2023. 

Together towards gold in Paris 2024

Summit 2024 is The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports’ newly established initiative to lift ten selected sports towards medals and success in the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Paris in 2024.
Ronny Lie
Chief Communication Officer, Kongsberg Gruppen ASA