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Tsakos Group upgrades Athens training facility with new generation Navigation and DP Simulators

K-Sim Navigation and K-Sim DP, Kongsberg Maritime's latest generation ship-handling and Dynamic Positioning simulators have been chosen to further advance Tsakos Group's capabilities at its newly established training centre, the Maria Tsakos TCM Academy in Athens, Greece.
Tsakos K-Sim Navigation

Earlier this year a K-Sim Navigation Simulator was shipped to Maersk in Houston

  For Tsakos Group, one of the leading shipping companies in Greece, and its technical managers, Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement (TCM) S.A., education and training of crew is of the highest priority. To ensure that all human resources on board and ashore continually advance their training and competencies, Tsakos Group and TCM established the Maria Tsakos TCM Academy in 2014. The Academy is a latest generation Maritime Training Centre for the training of the Group's seafarers and shore staff. "When you are at sea, mistakes are not allowed. The protection of Human life and the environment are non-negotiable matters. The simulator offers you an unprecedented opportunity to operate and react in a virtual, yet fully realistic- environment where mistakes become lessons learnt. It's an exceptional educational experience not available on board. It also serves as the best proactive measure to initially educate and ultimately test and evaluate an officers' competence and readiness to undertake higher rank duties and responsibilities," says Cpt P. Drosos, Managing Director of TCM. K-Sim Navigation is based on a new cutting-edge technology platform enabling more realistic training scenarios and enhanced user benefits for both instructors and students. It features an advanced physical engine and state-of-the-art hydrodynamic modelling, allowing vessels, objects and equipment to behave and interact as in real life. To enhance the realism further, a sophisticated new visual system has been developed for K-Sim Navigation, ensuring vessels and objects are portrayed realistically in all possible weather conditions. "The Tsakos Group's association with Kongsberg Maritime goes back over many years and our officers are very familiar with their equipment and after sale service and assistance. Kongsberg Maritime supplies high quality equipment and provides excellent customer service both ashore and on board. In this respect our selection was the obvious choice," adds Cpt P. Drosos