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KONGSBERG to deliver PROTECTOR RWS to Australia

KONGSBERG has signed a production contract with the vehicle manufacturer Supacat Pty, Ltd in Australia for the delivery of PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Systems. The end user is the Commonwealth of Australia (CoA).
PROTECTOR RWS the vehicle producer Supacat

The PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station is designed for small and medium caliber weapons and can be installed on any type of platform; it is a fully stabilized, combat proven system qualified for global operations.

Learn more about: The PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station

As of 2015, the PROTECTOR system has been chosen by 17 nations and KONGSBERG continues to be the world’s leading provider of Remote Weapon Stations. For further information: President Espen Henriksen, Kongsberg Protech Systems Tel: +47 913 95 343