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Successful demonstration of ground launched ESSM

The KONGSBERG and Raytheon HAWK XXI air defence system successfully engaged an air target with an Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM) during a live-fire demonstration at the Andoya Rocket Range in Norway in late May 2012.

ESSM - BTW-shot

"This is part of the KONGSBERG and Raytheon continuous evolution of enhancing air defence systems to meet the evolving threats”, said Eirik Lie, Executive Vice President, Kongsberg Defence Systems. He continued, “The ESSM ground launch confirms our ambition of expanding our system capabilities and show current HAWK customers a path to upgrade their systems.”

The demonstration of the ESSM effector was supported by both United States Security Assistance Management Directorate “SAMD” and The Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) through the use of government furnished tactical hardware, making this event possible.

The proven capabilities of the KONGSBERG Fire Distribution Center (FDC), the NASAMS Canister Launcher, the ThalesRaytheon Systems AN/MPQ-64F1 Sentinel Radar for target tracking and Raytheon’s Hawk High Power Illuminator (HPI) as the semi-active missile guidance source, were showcased in this demonstration.

Introducing the already proven and fielded NASAMS Launcher as part of the HAWK XXI system, also gives HAWK Users the opportunity to use other missiles as the AIM-120 AMRAAM. The highly capable and combat-proven HAWK system is deployed by 17 nations worldwide. The ESSM ground launched missile will enhance HAWK`s capability and provide operators with an in-production replacement missile.