Updated information regarding the CROWS program

KONGSBERG wish to contribute to give full information regarding the CROWS program to the market. US Army has announced new, revised information regarding the program. The changes imply a lower volume than previously announced by the US Army. KONGSBERG consider that the change is not a direct consequence of reduced need for CROWS-systems but rather a changed purchasing strategy due to the current budget situation in the USA. US Army estimates the upcoming tender to comprise 3 000 systems, in addition to spare parts and upgrades. Total value is estimated to MUSD 970. The change also expresses that there will be only one supplier. KONGSBERG's design is still the chosen design for the competition. CROWS is a joint acquisition program for weapon stations for the US Army`s vehicle programs. A common solution will result in substantial efficiency gains in respect of protection, training, support and further development. The Protector Weapon Control System protects military troops by allowing the vehicle's weapons to be operated from a protected position inside the vehicle.