Annual General Meeting 2009

Kongsberg Gruppen ASA held its ordinary Annual General Meeting in Kongsberg today. The Board of Directors’ Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2008 were approved unanimously. It was decided to pay a dividend of NOK 5.50 per share for 2008.

All five shareholder-elected directors were elected as unanimously proposed by the Nominating Committee, resulting in the following composition for the period 2009-2011: Finn Jebsen (re-elected), Benedicte Berg Schilbred (re-elected), Erik Must (re-elected), John Giverholt (re-elected) and Anne-Lise Aukner (new).

The three employee-elected directors for the next two years are: Roar Marthiniussen (re-elected), Kai Johansen (re-elected) and Helge Lintvedt (new).

The Board was given authorisation to buy treasury shares for a nominal value of up to NOK 7 500 000. The authorisation applies for 12 months from the date of the Annual General Meeting.

As proposed by the Board, the Annual General Meeting decided to split the shares in a ratio of 1:4, such that the nominal value will be reduced from NOK 5 to NOK 1.25, and to reduce the company’s share premium reserve by MNOK 832 through a transfer to other equity.

The signed minutes are enclosed (in Norwegian only).