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Mandatory notification of trade - Shareprogram for employees

Today Kongsberg Gruppen sold 17 379 treasury shares at a price of NOK 168 to employees in connection with an option programme. Following this sale, the Group owns 17 894 treasury shares.

The sale is connected to an option programme based on the share programme conducted in 2006. Employees who took part in the above-mentioned share programme were granted an option to buy up to 125 shares in June 2008, at a price of NOK 168 per share.

After this program KONGSBERG do not have any more outstanding options.

The options have been redeemed partly through employees buying shares for NOK 168, and partly by employees getting a net redemption, based on a share price of NOK 392,00.

Enclosed please find a list of the primary insiders who have used the option to acquire shares.