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Prize to KONGSBERG for Good Norwegian

KONGSBERG has been awarded the Association for Standard Norwegian's Annual Report Prize for 2007 for the good use of the Norwegian language in its Annual Report and Sustainability Report for 2006. The prize was awarded in Oslo on 5 June in connection with the celebration of the Association for Standard Norwegian's 100th anniversary.

The Association's Media Prizes for 2007 were awarded to Finn Bjelke and Anne Grosvold, both of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, for good Norwegian in the radio and TV categories, respectively. The press prize - the Golden Pen 2007 - was awarded to Linn Ullman, a writer of fiction as well as a journalist/columnist in Aftenposten, a leading daily newspaper.

The Annual Report Prize was awarded this year for the fourth time. The jury reviewed the Norwegian used in 16 selected annual reports produced by business and industry. In the grounds for its decision, the jury writes that emphasis was attached to sentence structure, the choice of words and modes of expression, orthography, punctuation and other formal details. The results are scored on a scale from 1 to 6, with six being the best mark.

"The evaluation was not easy. The level is consistent and good. The winning mark, 5 plus, demonstrates that", writes the jury, congratulating KONGSBERG on the prize.

This was repeated during awards ceremony in Oslo, where the following was also quoted from the jury's grounds: "The sentence structure is virtually flawless. The parts of speech are correctly placed, and the sentence lengths correspond well with the content and topic. The text spans the range from very brief phrases based on keywords to relatively complex sentences. However, the main body of the text follows the golden mean. This contributes to the straightforward presentation that characterises the report as a whole. - KONGSBERG has a vision. It is articulated in English and should also exist in Norwegian. The report is smooth and straightforward, but personal, and almost free of buzzwords and platitudes. - Well done! - When it comes to orthography, the report was almost flawless in its standard/moderate standard Norwegian language. That merits respect. - The punctuation and the other formal details were also very good. We could hardly find anything to criticise, nary even a misplaced comma. - "Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2006" is emblazoned on the front cover of the report. Linguistically speaking, this report is most definitely sustainable. Congratulations once again!"