Kongsberg to supply 'electronic eyes' for NATO submarine rescue system

Next generation rescue vehicle
KONGSBERG is to provide sophisticated cameras and sonar equipment for the NATO Submarine Rescue Vehicle and Remotely Operated Vehicle. The contract with Perry Slingsby Systems - responsible for manufacture of the next generation rescue vehicles - will be fulfilled by the Kongsberg Camera Division in Aberdeen and Kongsberg Mesotech, Vancouver, under Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.

Triton SP ROV
The manned Submarine Rescue Vehicle and unmanned Remotely Operated Vehicle (based on the Perry Slingsby Triton SP ROV) form the basis of the NATO Submarine Rescue System - an extensive project by the French, Norwegian and UK Navies, to provide a fast response, highly mobile, distressed submarine rescue platform. Kongsberg Maritime has supplied the underwater portable navigation, tracking and communications system, including camera and sonar equipment to both vehicles.

Kongsberg equipment
The Submarine Rescue Vehicle, which is the replacement vehicle for the existing LR5 manned submersible rescue vehicle, features an extensive suite of Kongsberg cameras and hydroacoustic equipment:

  • 2x OE1324 enhanced SIT low light performance cameras - for long range navigation and tactical tasks.
  • OE14-366 Colour Zoom Camera - latest super HAD CCD technology for excellent light sensitivity and image definition.
  • OE15-108 mini observation camera - for cost effective, general purpose underwater viewing.
  • OE1372A mini high resolution camera - miniature camera for ease of handling.
  • MS1000 software processor - for controlling multiple sonar heads and altimeter operations, simultaneously.
  • Remote keypad
  • 330kHz sonar head
  • 200kHz Altimeter - operates as standalone or can be connected to the MS 1000 Software processor.

The remotely operated vehicle support vehicle for the submarine rescue vehicle will feature:

  • OE1324 enhanced SIT low light performance camera - for long-range viewing.
  • OE1358 general purpose Inspection Camera - excellent light sensitivity for flexible operation.
  • OE14-366 Colour Zoom Camera - for close-up inspection.
  • MS1000 software processor - converts any standard PC platform into a full-function sonar processor.
  • 330kHz sonar head

Essential tools for live submarine rescue
"KONGSBERG cameras have already proven themselves as essential tools for live submarine rescue, following the successful freeing of the trapped Russian 'Priz AS-28' submarine," comments Colin Jaffray, UK Sales Manager (Imaging Products), Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.