CARIS, Canada and Kongsberg Maritime have announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate and deliver CARIS HIPS/SIPS multibeam processing software to existing and potential KONGSBERG clients.

Single off-the-shelf software product
CARIS HIPS/SIPS represents a single off-the-shelf software product that embodies all of the very latest statistical-based data cleaning and processing methodologies currently reshaping the ocean mapping industry in one single package.

The addition of HIPS/SIPS to KONGSBERG 's existing multibeam processing products allows them to appeal to a greater diversity and variety of end-user needs, thus strengthening their market position.

Ongoing cooperation
As part of this agreement, CARIS will provide ongoing marketing, sales and training support for the HIPS/SIPS software to KONGSBERG engineers and sales specialists. Further, the two parties have committed to working cooperatively on an ongoing basis, to offer migration from Neptune users to HIPS/SIPS and that the technical needs of KONGSBERG clients are being met in future planning of the HIPS/SIPS software.

Independent of data formats
"We are pleased to work with Kongsberg, enabling more multibeam processing options for their clients," said Derrick Peyton, CARIS Marketing and Sales Manager. "As companies face a issues of large bathymetric data sets, interoperability and distribution, CARIS multibeam processing and data management software supports KONGSBERG clients with their data cleaning and processing needs regardless of the data format and workflow."

Quality multibeam processing tool
"It is our objective through this collaboration with CARIS to ensure Kongsberg customer satisfaction by providing a quality multibeam processing tool that is well supported to existing and potential clients. However, our well known and well tested NEPTUNE post processing software will still be available as a choice for the users" says Freddy Pøhner, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Kongsberg Maritime-Subsea.

CARIS HIPS/SIPS is part of a complete suite of marine and hydrographic software from CARIS. CARIS has been serving the marine and hydrographic community for over 25 years. Its products are continually selected number one by esteemed military agencies, survey contractors, ports and harbours, and academia among others.

About HIPS and SIPS
The HIPS and SIPS product is a comprehensive bathymetric data cleaning and validation tool integrated with powerful vector product creation. HIPS and SIPS can take the raw sounding data from ship to chart. Supporting over 40 industry standard sonar data formats, HIPS and SIPS can easily integrate into any workflow. Proven automated data cleaning filters and algorithms assist in today's high data volume environments. This, coupled with the ability to easily produce vector products such as contours and selected soundings, makes the software a powerful production tool.

For more information about CARIS visit www.caris.com