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Systems integration success on US Coast Guard newbuild

Kongsberg Maritime was a lead systems integrator during production of the sophisticated new US Coast Guard Icebreaker, MACKINAW (WLBB-30), which was launched at the Marinette Marine Corporation, in Marinette, Winconsin on 2nd April 2005.

Single Source Bridge Integrator
Kongsberg Maritime was chosen as the Single Source Bridge Integrator (SSBI) by builders, Marinette Marine, a job that included responsibility for the overall bridge layout and integration with other on-board systems. The vessel's bridge is designed in accordance with DnV`s Watch One (DnV W-1).

Systems provided
The onboard systems provided by Kongsberg Maritime included Dynamic Positioning System (SDP) with SDP/SJS Operator Terminals (OT) for remote use and the Integrated Ship's Control System (ISCS), which included: SEAMAP 10 Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), DGPS, LORAN-C and Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA).

Onboard training
For training, the Coast Guard chose Kongsberg Maritime Simulation to interface its POLARIS Simulator System with the onboard equipment. The bridge watch standers of the MACKINAW also received DP Operator training at the Kongsberg Maritime Inc, Training Centre in Houston, Texas. Once commissioned, an onboard training room will be used to continuously hone the crew's skills. This room will have both the ship's simulator and DP trainer console.

The POLARIS simulator and DP trainer console are currently at the Pre-Commissioning Office located next to the shipyard while the ship is being completed by Marinette Marine. This arrangement enables the crew to train on the navigational equipment and maintain crew proficiency in ship handling, DP operational and navigational skills. Actual transits have already been set up on the simulator and watch teams stand 'real-time' watches with realistic scenarios specific to Great Lakes transits.

"For Kongsberg Maritime, this project represents the first time we have been a lead system integrator on a USCG vessel. Kongsberg Maritime was praised for its advanced technologies and dedication of staff. We are now well poised with the U.S. Coast Guard!" states Olav Stein Liavaag, Kongsberg Maritime's Overall Project Manager during the systems integration onboard MACKINAW.