Simrad launches advanced autopilots for the revolutionary Volvo Penta IPS

Using its vast experience in autopilot design and with the close cooperation of Volvo Penta, Simrad has developed intelligent auto steering via CAN for the stunning new Inboard Performance System (IPS). Launched at Schroders London Boat Show 2005, the new AC05 Autopilot Computer integrates with the highly successful AP 16/25/26/27 autopilots from Simrad to become the perfect partner for Volvo Penta's latest generation in propulsion systems.

Excellent handling performance
Simrad auto steering via CAN on the IPS allows the unique speed, handling and efficiency benefits of these high-tech propulsion systems to shine through. Benefits of the AC05 in conjunction with the AP 16/25/26/27 include direct rudder command via the CAN interface with no separate rudder feedback unit and pump. Simrad autopilots with the AC05 have already proven reliable and able to provide high acceleration and sharp turns for excellent handling performance during sea trials.

Reduced installation time and costs In addition to the numerous performance benefits, the CAN based design of the Simrad AC05 simplifies installation by reducing the number of cables and minimising the rudder set-up procedure. Several cables are required for traditional analogue auto steering set-up but the AC05 reduces this to just one. This results in reduced installation time and costs, with the added benefit of less holes drilled in the boat.

Strengthens its position Simrad's autopilot pedigree is second to none. This fact has been rewarded with no less than 38 highly regarded NMEA awards in the autopilot category. In fact, Simrad has won at least one NMEA award since they started over twenty years ago. With such a strong autopilot lineage, and a dedication to further development for sophisticated and revolutionary systems like IPS, Simrad further strengthens its position as a leader in the field of autosteering.

The 2004 NMEA awards, presented in October once again saw Simrad dominate the autopilot category. The AP25 was voted 'Best Autopilot (recreational)' in its first year on the market whilst the benchmark AP50 took the award for 'Best Autopilot (commercial)'. Additionally, the 'Best Compass, Electronic' award was won by the new Simrad RC36 rate compass.

The Volvo Penta IPS will be ready for the 2005 season and Simrad autosteering via CAN will be available for integration at the same time. Simrad will be responsible for sales, marketing and servicing of the autopilot system whilst Volvo will distribute the interface to boat builders using the IPS.