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Marine automation to MAERSK RoPax ferry project

The Kongsberg Maritime DataChief C20 Integrated Control & Monitoring System (ICMS) and Integrated Fire Protection System (IFPS) have been selected for three MAERSK RoPax (Samsung H1523-4/1574) project.

Vessel specifications
Each vessel has a length of 172 meters and a beam of 28 meters. These 34,500 gross tones RoPax vessels will travel between Dover, UK and Dunkerque, France with capacity for 780 passengers & 70 crew / 70 cabins and 117 trucks & 214 cars. They have two controllable pitch propellers driven by four diesel engines (MAN B&W 8L 48/60B) with power output of 9,600 kW * 500 RPM in each engine.

System capabilities
Each vessel requires a large scale ICMS capable of performing complex monitoring and control in a safe, efficient and reliable manner. The DataChief IFPS is capable of performing integrated fire protection by monitoring and controlling the fans and dampers, emergency shut-off valves, fire alarm system, fixed water fire extinguishing system, drencher system and fixed gas fire extinguishing system.

Highly distributed system
The DataChief C20 for these MAERSK RoPax vessels is a comprehensive system with more then 2000 input/output signals. A total of eleven workstations are located in the wheelhouse, engine control room, ship office and Chief engineers day room. The highly distributed system comprises advanced power management and generator control for three diesel generators (2,280 kW each) and two shaft generators (3,800 kW each), as well as a total machinery process monitoring and control system, covering main engines, tanks, fans, compressors, valves and pumps.

The vessels (H1523/1524/1574) will be delivered sequentially from August, 2005.

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